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What our customers are saying:

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So many thanks for giving such honor and care to my family's heirlooms. You have a magical touch! I so love this way of honoring our maternal lines of artistry and resourcefulness.

~ Liane, San Diego

I received the quilt!  It is beautiful!  I love every inch of it!!!  I am over the moon!  I so excited to have it on the bed at long last! 

~Millie, Montana

They came! Between you and me, I actually got a little teary when my husband and I spread them out on the bed just now. You and your team have done such a beautiful job. I mean -- seriously: I can't stop flipping the corners to better admire the gorgeous stitching. Thank you, Alline!  We have heirlooms now.

~Sara, Arizona


What a beautiful job you and the quilter did for this quilt. A true keepsake. I can’t thank you enough!

~Susan, New York


Oh. Oh. Oh. I just love how this turned out. 

~Jordan, quilt #1. 


OMG. It arrived just now and it’s FABULOUS. Thank you so much for your help with this.

~Jordan, quilt #2

It arrived today. AMAZING!!! 

~Peggy, Santa Cruz

The beautiful quilt arrived Saturday evening in the mail! I’m just thrilled! What a gorgeous job you all have done! I absolutely love the way you bound it! That was the perfect choice! Thanks to you and the ladies that helped achieve this. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work in completing my grandmother’s quilt! Thank them for me!



It's beautiful!! Mrs. Wagler’s quilting is simply gorgeousl!!  Please send my thanks to her and let her know how much we appreciate her work!! 

~Jann, Illinois


My quilt arrived today and the quilting is beautiful. I am excited to start planning the binding this coming weekend. Thanks for organizing and planning and for all your communication. Many Thanks!

~Rosalia, Chicago

I was so pleased with the quilt from you which arrived on Monday - it looks beautiful with the hand quilting, and I’m eager to finish it with the binding.

~Sally. Massachusetts

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