Details for Finishing Your Quilt

What is involved in each step? How much does it cost?

See below for more. Detailed Fee List at the bottom of this page.

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You and the quilter will receive a color photocopy that has been marked with the hand-quilting patterns to use as a guide.

We have dozens of quilting templates from which to choose the perfect design for your quilt.


Administration Fee,

Hand Quilting Design

and Quilt Top Marking

The administration fee for each quilt is $95. This covers handling all of

the details, from beginning to end,

worrying (we do it so you don't have to!),

double-checking everything,

choosing the perfect Amish quilter

for your quilt, and working with her

to ensure that the quilt is done

in the way we've  agreed, 

getting it shipped safely to the correct address, and much, much more.

The quilting designing and marking the hand-quilting lines on your quilt top are charged at $22 per hour.

If you prefer to mark the hand-quilting lines on your quilt top yourself, that would be great. We will let you know which method of marking your quilter prefers.

Pricing for hand-quilting is charged by the yard of quilting thread; as they quilt the women keep track of how many yards of thread they use.  We are currently charging .95 - $1.55/yard, depending upon who is doing the quilting.

 Click here to see examples of how many yards of quilting went into some of our sample quilts.

NOTE: Hand quilting a quilt can take one-three months depending upon the size of quilt, complexity of quilting design, and the time of year - more quilting gets done in the winter than in the summer, when the quilters' lives are filled with tasks such as  gardening and food processing.

We encourage you to plan in advance for this time frame.


Out of respect for the artisans, it takes as long as it takes. 


Here we've used a pen with special ink that we remove with a hot iron after all quilting is finished (we like it because it feels like magic).


Choosing Quilt Backing

Most people provide the backing for us. However, if you do not have backing available we can provide a backing to compliment your quilt top. We have 108” wide backing fabric which provides a seamless back with less cost. Backing pricing depends on the type of backing chosen, yardage, and the time it takes to choose it.

Your backing needs to be 4 inches wider and 4 inches longer than your quilt top. We do not provide seaming service for narrow quilt backing

Hand Quilting

The quilt template and the finished quilt square.

Ship us your Quilt Top

After we've chatted and decided to work together, you'll pack up your quilt top, backing, binding, maybe some batting, and mail it to our studio in Missouri. We encourage you to ship USPS Priority, insured.

At this time an estimated 50% deposit is required before any work begins.

All payment is done through PayPal. Final payment will be due when you receive your finished quilt.

Choosing Quilt Batting

Our batting of choice is Quilter's Dream Cotton. We carry the two varieties that work best for hand quilting:

"Request," a flat loft (blue label) and the slightly fluffier "Select" mid loft (pink label).

You are always welcome to use other batting; please just let us know.

Prices are listed at the bottom of this page.

batting blue.jpg
batting pink.jpg

Request Loft:  Low loft. Request is a lightweight

and consistent loft developed especially for hand quilters and is ideal for fine micro-stitching.  Excellent for light-weight summer quilts

Select Loft:  Mid loft. Select loft is versatile for hand  quilting with a soft lovely drape. The perfect mid-weight batting for most quilting projects


The trimming of your quilt is included if we are adding the binding to your quilt. If we are not binding your quilt we can trim it for a $10-$25 fee, depending on the size. Let us know how you like it trimmed – at the edge, or ¼” beyond the edge for batting fullness in the binding. We can also return the quilted top to you untrimmed and unbound..


We can trim the quilt, and then cut, sew, and attach the binding for you. We cut 2.5" strips, machine sew them to the front of the quilt, and then hand stitch the back.

Costs are listed below.

If you would like us to choose the binding fabric for you, we will, and will add the cost of the fabric to your final invoice.



Custom Labels

Lastly, we'll apply one of our custom

labels with the name of the quilter, and our laundering instructions, which implore

you to wash your quilt on gentle/cold and to never put it in the dryer.

20211117_113420 (1).jpg

Binding is machine-sewn onto the front of the quilt, then wrapped around to the back, and secured with hand stitching. If done correctly, ti will be almost invisible.


Fees charged for each quilt

Hand Quilting - .95 - $1.55 per yard of quilting thread, depending upon who is doing the quilting, the quilt fabric, and the intricacy of the quilting pattern.  Quilters with more experience, smaller stitches and who are faster are paid at a higher rate than those who are newer to to hand-quilting for us. The quilter keeps track of the thread she uses while hand-quilting your quilt.

Administration Fee - $95 per quilt

Quilting Design and Marking - $22 per hour 

Shipping - approximately $90 per quilt (round trip), depending upon your location ($30 each way between you and our Missouri studio, and $15 each way between our studio and the quilter)


NOTE: Quilts are HEAVY! We are located right smack in the middle of the country. We just shipped a finished quilt (via USPS Priority Mail) to Connecticut and it was $29. We charge you the exact cost we pay for shipping.

Optional Fees

Simple repairs - $25/hour


Batting (you may provide your own)

  • Crib               $16             46″ x 60″

  • Lap (Throw)  $21              60″ x 60″

  • Twin              $29              93″ x 72″

  • Double           $32             96″ x 93″

  • Queen            $37           108″ x 93″

  • King               $56            122″ x 120″



Note: The backing must be at least 4" bigger than your quilt top on ALL sides.

  • If you provide the fabric - no charge.

  • If we provide the fabric -  cost of fabric plus time spent choosing fabric.

Trimming (only if we are not binding your quilt)

                                                                       Width        Length 

  • Crib/Lap/Throw       $10                  36” - 60"       45” - 72”   

  • Twin                           $15                    63” - 73”      up to 90”

  • Full/Queen                $20                   74” - 89”     up to 108” 

  • King                            $25                   90” - 120”   90” - 108” 

Binding - Machine sewn onto the front, hand sewn on the back.

Quilt trimming is included in the price of binding.

                                                                         Width            Length 

  • Crib/Lap/Throw       $45                    36” - 60"      45” - 72” 

  • Twin                           $100                  63" - 73”       up to 90”   

  • Full/Queen                $125                   74" - 90”       up to 108” 

  • King                            $140                  9o” - 108”    104” - 108" 

Prices updated  10/16/2021

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