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Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, quilting wasn't anywhere on my radar until the age of 12. That was when my Great Aunt Sadie presented my father with a quilt. It was made from Dresden Plate blocks that his mother had pieced decades earlier. He burst into tears, recognizing fabric from dresses, pajamas and shirts from his Depression-era childhood.  It was then I realized the power of quilts.

Fast forward a few decades. California is now just a dream; I find myself living in the rural Midwest. Like many quilters I have more ideas than time; before I've finished with one quilt top I'm ready to begin the next three. It is challenging to find the time to actually quilt any of them. And while machine quilting is often a fine solution, I find myself wanting something a little more homey that evokes the handmade quality of quilts.

We have many Amish neighbors here. I reached out to a few and asked if they would be interested in quilting some of my quilt tops. I was delighted when many of them said "yes." When the quilts came back to me I saw that their work lives up to its stellar reputation. It was beyond beautiful - the stitches were tiny and even, the workmanship impeccable. And while they prefer not to be photographed and put on a website, the quilters are delighted to work on your quilts.

Now you can have your quilt top hand quilted by Amish quilters without leaving the comfort of your home. Give me a call and let's talk. Let's get those quilt tops out of your closets and into the hands of people you love!


Photo Credit: Angela Gambill Neese

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