Gorgeous 1910's Shirtings Quilt Top, Newly hand-quilted by Amish quilters


I have been collecting vintage quilt tops at local (Midwest) auctions and from eBay for twenty years, always with the thought that "I'd do something" with them. Ha! They started to pile up and so I have found a group of local Amish quilters to take the quilt tops and transform them into heirloom-quality quilts.


This quilt measures 68" x 70".  It would be lovely as a bed covering, lap quilt or wall hanging.


The top is made of shirting fabric in white, blues, browns and an occasional pink.  The colors are pale but vibrant - the quilt top has obviously been carefully stored. 


The batting, backing and binding are all new. The batting is cotton/poly. The batting has a bit of a loft, creating softly pillowed puffs. The back is a plain off-white cotton, chosen to show off the hand-quilting. I attached the binding myself; it is a contemporary cotton print chosen to compliment the older fabrics in the quilt. It was attached by machine and then hand-sewn to the back.

The hand-quilting is stunning. The stitches are tiny, precise and gorgeous, 9-12 per inch. 


There is a stain on the quilt top when I purchased it; I have not been able to remove it. There are also places where the quilt squares are patched (where there was not enough fabric to make the entire 2" square out of one piece of fabric). There is one place where the original quilter sewed a cream-colored patch on the top. I have left these as they are, since to me they embody all that is important to me about quilting. Each quilt top was made from scraps of shirts and dresses,  by women who probably were not professional seamstresses, who used their creativity and skill to produce something useful and beautiful. I find the "imperfections" enhance the overall look and feel of the quilt.


I am not an quilt historian, merely a quilt enthusiast. I have included a shot from a page from "Dating Fabircs: A Color Guide 1800 - 1960" by Eileen Jahnke Trestain to share how I have dated the top.


I will ship via USPS Priority, which is trackable.

Please convo with any questions!

1900 Blue & White Shirtings Quilt