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Have your vintage or contemporary/modern/ art quilt top expertly hand quilted by our circle of Amish quilters!

You've had your grandmother's vintage quilt top carefully folded in a chest for decades.
Or perhaps, along with vases and a toaster, you've just inherited a beautiful quilt top. Isn't it time to get these pieces of your history into the hands of people you love?

 you're a quilter yourself, with too many quilt tops, too many ideas, and too many UFOs for your own good. How great would it be to take a few of your quilt tops out of the closet and have them finished? 
Hand quilting is the traditional way of finishing quilts. While there is a time and place for longarm (machine) quilting, we believe that hand quilting is the best and most appropriate fit for quilts intended to be passed down to your friends and loved ones.  We're also convinced that having your art/ modern/ contemporary quilt tops hand quilted is the ideal way to highlight all of the work you have already put into your quilt. We delight in collaborating  with you to bring your artistic vision to life.

We present you with the opportunity to have your quilt top finished by some of the most talented quilters in the country. 
Amish quilters and their hand quilting are recognized the world over as the standard to which all other quilting is held. The tiny stitches are astounding; it takes years of practice to be able to do what they do. 

Having your quilt top hand-quilted by Amish quilters is a lasting investment and is surprisingly affordable. We've made it as convenient for you as we possibly can.  At customer service is our number one priority. Don't you and your quilt deserve the best? Schedule a call - we're looking forward to working with you.

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